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How do you compare to others of similar age?


We will test 2 things in your body that are associated with ageing: the amount of oxidation and the amount of inflammation.

Our Healthy Ageing booklet (supplied on the first order) will suggest small science-based lifestyle changes that you could make including supplement, vitamin, diet, or exercise changes. After one or more of these changes, we can test again the amount of oxidation and the amount of inflammation in your body to see how these have changed.

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Alzheimer’s disease: Information for Patients, Family, and Friends

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The Handbook of Immortality, a guide to healthy ageing

*All profits go towards the development of new therapies

Take the Alzheimer’s initiative! Take back the initiative by being informed!

Sadly, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but there are things that can be done (see our free information below). But how do we know that any of these things are having an effect? This is why we have established our unique service.

For every patient we monitor 3 important things in the body that will change with time:

  • Alzheimer’s related oxidative damage

  • Alzheimer’s related inflammation

  • The Alzheimer related disease marker