Pinpoint Molecular Ltd are working on a simple blood test for Alzheimer’s Disease.

The figure on the left shows the results of a simple blood test that we have developed using our novel resin extraction technology. 10 blood samples from Alzheimer’s Disease patients (red bars) were compared to 5 samples from normal people (blue bars). Our test showed a clear difference.

Why do we need a simple blood test?

A test is needed:

  • To ensure early and appropriate treatment
  • To monitor the effect of treatment
  • To help in discovery of new therapies

But our data is not perfect

Why is our data not perfect?

  • We have only tested a small number of samples
  • Access to samples is limited to what is available in limited biobanks
  • We have no control over how the sample was handled before it was stored in the biobank
  • We need to test other diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease

If you would like to help us by getting involved in our study, please email us at